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What Questions Should You Ask Before You Hire Your Next IT Company?

Finding the right IT company can be a long and tedious process – but once you think you've found the right one for you, don't rush to sign any agreements! Make sure to double-check what they are agreeing to do for you, so you know all your bases are covered.

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What SHOULD Your Sacramento IT Company Do?

In the simplest terms, an IT company should manage your information technology infrastructure. But what, exactly, does that mean?

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Phishing Attacks Continue to Soar!

What is Phishing? Phishing is the practice of sending fraudulent emails to people in order to receive personal information.  This malicious practice will not stop.  Everyone reading this email has received one and very possibly have a few in the spam folder now.  The attached image highlights the continuing trend towards cyber crime.  The increase [...]

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Use These 5 Tricks to Reset Your Tech Addiction

Too much technology can lead to some rather serious issues. More stress, less sleep, anti-social behavioral tendencies, and a lack of focus are just a few of the symptoms of our technology addiction. None of which are all too pleasant, and we’ve all experienced one or more of those nasty side effects, right? A lot [...]

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Security: How to Fortify Your Password Against Attacks

Let’s get real for a second. When you’re in the process of creating an online account, you’re usually in a hurry to get to the actual site. You aren’t all that worried about how strong your password is or if you can even remember it later. You just want to finish your online order, to [...]

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A few smart gadgets to take your home security to that next level

The security of your home is important. You get that. We get that. Everyone gets that. But back in the day, securing your home with fancy video cameras and high-tech alarm systems was something only the rich and famous did for home security. However, things have changed. Thanks to the growing world of the IoT, [...]

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4 things you should know about phishing

The sending and receiving of malicious emails, phishing, is a cyber-threat that all businesses should be on the lookout for. But, unfortunately, what most professionals know to be true about phishing attacks, isn’t always the most accurate information out there. Here are four things that might happen within a phishing attack that most people don’t [...]

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7 Chrome Extensions you should download right now

There are over a billion people who use Chrome as their preferred browser. But not all of these people use Chrome to its fullest potential. With the right Extension added to your Chrome browser, you can do a whole lot more than you might imagine. You can change the way you move from one site [...]

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Your security questions matter. Keep them secure with these tips.

Those security questions you thought long and hard about that one day for that one site aren’t doing you any good.  In fact, they’re probably hurting you more than anything.  Because at the end of the day, tracking down your maiden name really isn’t all that hard and guessing your favorite food might only take [...]

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4 simple tips to help your business avoid Ransomware

Ransomware is not something you can resolve with a few clicks of the mouse.  You can’t install a new anti-virus solution and expect it to work its magic.  And you can’t call up your IT Provider and hope some nerdy tech will make everything new again within the hour.  Ransomware doesn’t work that way. Your [...]

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