GUIDE: How Do I Change My Background In Microsoft Teams?

Over the course of the pandemic, it’s become clear that not everyone has a suitable home office. Some are working at the kitchen table or in the living room. The last thing they want is for other attendees in a business meeting to see their dirty dishes or their kids’ toys in the background.

The good news is that Microsoft Teams lets you obscure or change your video background altogether—find out how in our latest video:

How To Change Your Video Background In Microsoft Teams

In order to change your Teams background to a blur or one of the apps default options, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Meet”
  2. Select “Background Filters” in the next window that comes up
  3. Select a blur or a set background image from the preset options

How To Use Your Own Image As A Background

  1. Click “Meet”
  2. Select “Background Filters”
  3. Click “Add New”
  4. Select the photo(s) from your local storage to upload as background options in Teams

No matter what image you use, make sure to test it out. Move your head around and make sure it’s not creating any distracting effects. You may need to try a few different options until you find one with the right colors and crop to minimize any adverse effects.