4 simple tips to help your business avoid Ransomware

Ransomware is not something you can resolve with a few clicks of the mouse.  You can’t install a new anti-virus solution and expect it to work its magic.  And you can’t call up your IT Provider and hope some nerdy tech will make everything new again within the hour.  Ransomware doesn’t work that way. Your [...]

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The top 4 benefits of Office 365

When it comes to workplace efficiency, there’s nothing quite like Office 365.  This cloud-based productivity suite will keep employees content and at the top of their game. It has everything most businesses require to stay productive and competitive in the modern world.  But what exactly are these things?  Here are a few of them. Anywhere, [...]

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6 ways data loss can occur

Data loss is fun, right?  The way it likes to sneak up on you… The way it comes at you from every angle… The way it lingers long after things went down… It’s so fun it hurts. And while you may sense a wee bit of sarcasm, data loss does hurt.  It hurts everything from [...]

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Stay safe on social media with these 3 guidelines

Most of us at this point use social media.  And we don’t just use it… we basically live inside of it.  We breathe Facebook; Twitter has become our only source of nourishment, and Instagram is the blanket we refuse to sleep without.  But, you know what?  There’s nothing wrong with any of it.  We just [...]

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Don’t forget to use these iPhone tips and tricks

nixki / Shutterstock.com If you own an iPhone, then you know as well as the next person that the learning never stops.  It seems there’s always a new trick to learn.  You can get to something faster with this button, see something in a different way with this feature, or take a picture better, quicker, [...]

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5 Tips and Tricks for Making Your Smart Phone Battery Last Longer

It’s 2015. We’ve landed a rover on Mars, we’ve flown by Pluto, and McDonald’s is now serving its breakfast menu all day long. For heaven’s sake, can’t we invent a smart phone battery that will last longer than 24 hours? Apparently the short answer is – no, we can’t. Better battery technology simply hasn't been invented yet, [...]

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Employees are the biggest threat to network security

Unfortunately, employees are the biggest threat to network security. It’s no secret that businesses require some form of management to operate effectively. From defining key roles and responsibilities for each employee to interacting with customers, managers hold a lot of responsibilities, especially when it comes to information security. There’s a misconception that risks and security [...]

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