How Do I Share My Calendar In Outlook With Others?

Tired of emailing back and forth to find a time to schedule an appointment with a client or a coworker?

When handled manually, scheduling can be a tedious process. Aligning two separate schedules can require a lot of back and forth.

The fact is that any amount of time spent directly on the appointment scheduling process is a waste of time because there’s a simpler, more direct way to go about it — simply share your Microsoft Outlook calendar.

How Do I Share My Calendar In Outlook With Others?

  1. Select Calendar > Share Calendar.
  2. Select which calendar you want to share.
  3. Select Add, and decide which recipients with which to share your calendar.
  4. Select Add.
  5. Select OK, and review the recipients with which you’ve shared the calendar, and at which permission level.
  6. Select a name and set their specific access level.
  7. Select OK.

While this is a relatively simple process, you will need to follow it each and every time you want to share your calendar.