How To Customize Your Browser Home Page In Microsoft Edge

Tired of opening Microsoft Edge and having to navigate away from the default home page? Simply change your homepage to a website that’s actually useful to you — find out how to do so in the guide below.

What’s your daily routine when you get on the computer each morning?

You probably turn on the computer, log in to your account, and then launch Microsoft Edge, right? But what happens next?

If you haven’t changed your default home page, then it likely opens to the Microsoft start page. If you commonly work from a different platform, or have a preferred news source, that means you have to go from the Microsoft start page to that.

It’s a small step, but if you add up every time you open Microsoft Edge and have to navigate away from it, it’ll add up. That’s why you should cut out the middle man, and choose a homepage that works for you.

How Do I Change My Browser Home Page In Microsoft Edge?

  1. Open Microsoft Edge, select “Settings and more”
  2. Select “Settings”
  3. Select “Appearance”
  4. Turn on “Show home button”
  5. You can either choose “New tab page” or select “Enter URL” for a page that you want to use as your homepage.

By following this process, you can set your homepage to your browser email inbox, the New York Times, Reddit, or anything else that suits you better than the Microsoft start page.

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