Microsoft Learn

2020 has presented many challenges to traditional work environments, turning a lot of them on their end by forcing employers and employees alike to adapt to work-from-home environments with little or no training on technology. To address this global exigency, Microsoft launched a global skills initiative, giving millions of people around the world free access to learning paths and digital content to assist people in developing the skills required to adapt to their work environments and to prepare them for living with an increasingly digital workforce. This initiative, called Microsoft Learn, is available at

Above all, Microsoft Learn is free. You can train employees for free, something almost unheard of these days. The training platform is also attractive because it is interactive and hands-on, building skills in a series of short step-by-step training modules in over 225 learning paths where users can participate in more than 1,000 modules. The training modules are available in dozens of languages, making them truly accessible to anyone worldwide.

The training modules range from beginner, intermediate to advanced in a variety of topics, including, but not limited to widely used products like:

  • Azure
  • Dynamics and Dynamics 365
  • Microsoft 365
  • Gifthub
  • Teams
  • SQL Server
  • Power Platform
  • Office

The training modules within the learning paths range in length, from a few minutes to several hours and can help employees to prepare to earn a Microsoft Certification. Another unique feature of Microsoft Learn is the ability for an HR department to create different learning paths for its employees.

The HR department can then track each employee’s progress along the learning path and address strengths or weaknesses as necessary by recommending additional training modules. Contact TLC Tech at 916-441-3838 to discuss how Microsoft Learn can be utilized to improve your employee’s knowledge today.