TLC Tech Employee Spotlight: Natasha Bromley

Meet Natasha Bromley, Service Dispatcher at TLC Tech, Inc.

Natasha Bromley is one of many key members of the TLC Tech team. She currently works as our Service Dispatcher, helping to facilitate the rapid and effective service experience we provide to our network of clients.

Natasha has been with TLC for two years now. She originally started out as an Administrative Assistant, a role in which she demonstrated her strong work ethic and commitment to our clients. Six months ago, Natasha was promoted to her current position, and has been an asset to the company in her day-to-day work ever since.

Prior to working at TLC, Natasha gained professional experience in a range of management and administrative roles at companies including Royal Philips Reporting and Blitz Creative LLC. Her 15+ year career has allowed Natasha to become a skilled and experienced member of our team.

We’re proud to have committed staff members like Natasha on the TLC Tech team, and, as one of our valued clients, we hope you appreciate the difference she makes for you in her work.