How To Pin Channels & Conversations In Microsoft Teams

No matter how long you’ve been using Microsoft Teams to hold meetings and keep in touch, there may be minor features you still haven’t gotten the hang of.

For example: do you know how to pin your most used channels and conversations to the top of your lists? Find out how it works in this guide.

Pinning In Microsoft Teams

Pinning is a feature that allows you to select specific channels and conversations to appear first in your lists. If you find that you’re most commonly navigating to a certain project’s channel, or that most of your communications are with a specific supervisor or coworker, you can pin them to the same, easy-to-see spot for good.

How To Use The Pin Feature

  1. Determine which channel or conversation you want to pin
  2. Under the channels or conversation list, find that specific group or person
  3. Click the three dots icon next to the channel or conversation’s name
  4. Select “Pin”

It’s that simple—from that point on, that channel or conversation will always be at the top of the list. If you ever need to change this, simply follow the steps above and select “Unpin” instead.

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