How To Share PowerPoint Slides In A Microsoft Teams Meeting

Have you gotten the hang of hosting virtual presentations in Teams yet?

Using PowerPoint Live, you and your attendees can easily view and peruse your slideshow in Microsoft Teams. It gives presenters the ability to share slides from any point in a deck, and attendees to view as quickly or slowly as they prefer to.

Find out how it works in this guide.

Sharing PowerPoint Slides In A Microsoft Teams Meeting

Share Your Slideshow

  1. Click Share content (found in the meeting controls)
  2. Choose your presentation in the PowerPoint section, or find it by using the Browse function
  3. You will be shown the presenter view by default: the current slide to the left, your notes to the right, and thumbnails of the full deck beneath


  1. Use the navigation arrows to the bottom left of the current slide to proceed in order
  2. Jump ahead or back by selecting a slide from the thumbnails
  3. To view your slides as a grid, click Go to slide (or press G on your keyboard)

Additional Options

  • Simple View
    1. Click More options
    2. Click Hide presenter view
  • High Contrast
    1. Click More options
    2. Click View slides in high contrast

How Does The Participant View Work?

While presenters can use the Presenter or simple view, attendees will be given the participant view. Features include:

  • Navigate to other slides using the arrows (this will not affect other participants’ views)
  • Switch to a grid view — click Go to slide (or press G on your keyboard)
  • Sync view to the presenter’s slide by clicking Sync to presenter
  • Translate slides by selecting More options – Translate slides

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