Meet Ray Hart, One Of TLC’s Sacramento IT Experts

Ray HartIn order to serve our ever-growing networking of clients, we have added yet another Sacramento IT expert to our team—get to know Ray Hart!

We are excited to put the spotlight on one of our more recent additions to the TLC team: Ray Hart!

For the past two months, Ray has been working as a Helpdesk Technician. That puts Ray on the frontline, rapidly addressing our clients’ most pressing support needs.

A passionate problem-solver, Ray gets a lot of satisfaction out of helping clients resolve their IT issues. He’s performed excellently so far, and we can’t wait to see how he grows into the position over time.

“I love having the versatility to do a variety of different tasks on a daily basis,” says Ray.

Ray values working with a supportive company like TLC. He knows we put great stock in our team and understand that they are the key to our success as a business.

“From day one with TLC I felt as if I were already part of the team and with every challenge I faced there would always be someone eager to give a helping hand and guide the new guy in the right direction,” says Ray.

Prior to joining TLC, Ray worked as the lead IT technician for Matrix Warehouse Computers for two years. While he has no formal education in IT, he has self-taught an extensive set of skills.

Ray is looking forward to better understanding and engaging with the TLC work culture. He is excited to develop his IT skills and knowledge base, and can’t wait to attain more certifications that will contribute to his abilities in his role.

“I am looking forward to gaining a much greater understanding of our cultural differences as a whole and building up my own IT knowledge base one certification at a time, as well as gaining some much-needed hands-on experience with an ever-growing and ambitious company,” says Ray.

When he’s not at work, Ray spends his free time in the world of competitive online gaming. He coaches a semi-pro counter-strike team in the South African DGL league. When not on the computer, you can find him riding down the countryside on his beautiful Triumph Daytona 675 motorcycle.

The next time you call the help desk, it might be Ray who answers! Thanks for taking a few moments to get to know him a little better.