GUIDE: How Do I Use The Steps Recorder App?

Do you need an exact record of the steps you take in a specific process?

Maybe you need to send someone a guide on how to perform a function. Maybe you need to show your IT team specifically how something isn’t working the way you need it to.

No matter the reason, there’s an app designed to help you out: the Steps Recorder.

Find out how it works in our latest How Do I video:

How To Use Steps Recorder

  1. Launch Windows menu
  2. Look up “Step Recorder”
  3. Click “Start Recording”
  4. Perform the steps and process(es) you wish you record
  5. Click “Stop Recording”
  6. Review the screenshots of the recording and steps
  7. Set a filename and save it to the destination of your choice

You can then send the file to your contacts, your help desk team, or whoever else you need to share it with.

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