Top 5 Tech Gadgets for Entrepreneurs

See how top-notch entrepreneurs accomplish unbelievable feats of productivity with these fabulous new products. Any tech that makes work easier for entrepreneurs is good tech. From lessening paperwork to maximizing Wi-Fi signals and keeping devices clean during this pandemic — these five tech gadgets are at the top of our list. Not to mention they all pack a great tech punch for the price.


Notetakers take note: Smartpens make note-taking and drawing more efficient as they allow you to capture and recall content you create from endless meetings and trade show workshops. Instead of pouring through your somewhat organized notes to find a key point of discussion you can access it quickly with a tap of your smartpen.

Smartpens use specialized notebooks outfitted with microdots that track and convert your writing and drawings into digital data for storage on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Smartpens have audio technology for voice recordings of meetings and lectures and saves them to your preferred devices as well.

One of the top-of-the-list smartpens is the Livescribe 2GB Echo Smartpen. It features the latest in smartpen technologies and continues to evolve with new functionality. The accompanying Echo Desktop software is available for both Mac and Windows machines. The Echo Smartpen comes with a starter notebook, 2 ink cartridges and a pen cap – other accessories may be included or purchased depending on the bundle you get. This smartpen starts at around $150 and is well worth the investment for entrepreneurs and business people alike.

Receipt Scanners/Digital Filing Systems

Even with the popularity of eReceipts paper happens. How many receipts get stuffed into your pockets or bags? Let’s not even talk about business cards you accumulate at trade shows. Receipt scanners help you organize your receipts and business cards.

NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner and Digital Filing System is the perfect size and can run on a USB port from your computer or chosen device. Whatever you scan, NeatReceipt reads and extracts information from your paper receipts and business cards for expense reports and contact databases. It works with programs including Excel, Quicken and Outlook. This gadget also features add-ons that enable you to back up files and offers accidental damage protection.

Quick Translation Assistance

Don’t let language barriers stand in the way of doing business overseas. Sometimes interpreters aren’t available so personal translators are fast becoming must-haves for travelers.

Muama Enence is one such translator that features 43 languages and performs real-time translations on the spot.

Clean Up Your Devices

Did you know you’re more likely to get germs from your smartphone, computer, tablet or TV remote than in a public bathroom? Shocking. But mobile cleaning devices are in demand, especially with the pandemic.

Mobile Klean is one of the top devices in this category. It’s a portable ultraviolet light sanitizer that sanitizes surfaces in a flash. This device is also valuable to have at home as it sanitizes cutlery and bathroom services. Since entrepreneurs like you travel a lot, this bit of tech is a must have.

Boost Your Wi-Fi Range

Entrepreneurs like you know where you set up shop is essential to your success. Maybe you’re just starting off in your home office or have moved into your new office which sometimes means sacrificing wi-fi signal.

Work from home employees and business owners are on a seemingly endless search for wi-fi boosters to fit their needs. CNET loves the TP-Link RE220. Starting at only $35 this simple and portable wi-fi booster performs at the top of its class.

We hope these top tech gadgets make your work life easier and more efficient. We wish you success in your business. At TLC Tech, we believe that technology should work for humans — not the other way around! Give us a call at 916-441-3838 to schedule a complimentary initial consultation and see how we can help your team be more productive every day.