Become More Organized And Productive With Microsoft To Do

Have you started taking advantage of Microsoft To Do yet? It’s a powerful tool for tracking your obligations and consolidating the necessary information related to them.

Microsoft To-Do makes task management simple, allowing you to create, manage and integrate different to-dos with different content throughout the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

In our latest webinar, we showed attendees how to use Microsoft To Do. Check out the full recording to discover how for yourself:


What Is Microsoft To Do?

Microsoft To Do is a cloud-based task management application. It allows users to manage their tasks from a smartphone, tablet and computer.

How Does Microsoft To Do Work?

Whether you access it via the Microsoft 365 browser homepage, or by directly going to, you arrive at your To Do homepage, which has two key components:

Primary List: The main column centred on the page will list all your tasks according to whatever way you have them sported (default is by Due Date)

SideBar: Here you will see categories such as My Day, Important, Planned, Flagged Email, Tasks, and any other custom lists you may have. These lists are your way to compartmentalize your tasks into separate projects.

How Should You Use Microsoft To Do?

Make sure you understand how the categories in the sidebar work, so that you can make proper use of them:

My Day: All tasks scheduled for the current day.

Important: All tasks that you have deemed important (by clicking the star symbol when creating/editing them)

Planned: Only tasks that have an assigned due date.

Flagged Email: Tasks associated with an email that has been flagged by the sender.

Tasks: A master list of all your tasks.

Custom Lists: Any list you’ve created will have all associated tasks included under them.

For a detailed demonstration of how Microsoft To Do works, how to create tasks, categorize them under specific lists, and flag them as important, be sure to watch the webinar posted above.

Want To Learn More About Microsoft Apps?

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