Data loss is fun, right?  The way it likes to sneak up on you… The way it comes at you from every angle… The way it lingers long after things went down… It’s so fun it hurts.

And while you may sense a wee bit of sarcasm, data loss does hurt.  It hurts everything from your pocket book and reputation to your future prospects and current clients.  It hurts in more ways than you can imagine and for longer than you probably think.

However, if you’re more familiar with where data loss comes from, then you may have a legitimate chance of avoiding it altogether.  Here are a few circumstances that have been known to cause some major data loss.

A nasty virus

Viruses love data.  They love to steal, kidnap, corrupt, and delete data.  It doesn’t matter who the data belongs to or where it comes from; they’ll find a way to use it.  If a virus grabs a hold of your data, you better hope it doesn’t get very far.

Accidental deletion

It’s really not all that common to permanently delete a file.  And this doesn’t just go for a typical Word document or Excel sheet; this can apply to a critical system file or an email.  Maybe you don’t think you need it anymore, maybe you hit the wrong button, or maybe you just need an older version of something – either way, a deleted file is a deleted file, and it’ll take a continuous backup system to recover it.

Unexpected power failure

When your system shuts itself down unexpectedly, things can end poorly for your data.  It can corrupt files you were working on prior to the shutdown, and it can lead to the downfall of your hard drive, which will ultimately take all your data down with it.

Stolen or lost

Phones, laptops, tablets – these items all hold data on it.  And in some cases, what’s on your laptop might not be accessible from your phone and vice versa.  Because of this, if one is lost or stolen, your data is also lost or stolen.

Broken devices

It’s just common sense.  If you break something to the point where it won’t turn on anymore, how do you expect to see that data ever again?  Well, unless it’s backed up, you won’t.  Avoid water, concrete, and accidents in general.

Natural Disasters

A natural disaster can do a whole lot of things to your data – all of which include destroying it ruthlessly.  It can burn up in a fire.  Get lost in a tornado.  Float away in a flood.  Or get smashed in an earthquake.  Which would you prefer?


A proper backup solution can help overcome all of these scenarios.  Find out how we properly ensure backups are reliable.