AutoDraw: Doodle & Draw With Help From AI

Want to harness artificial intelligence to create a doodle, icon, or drawing?

With AutoDraw, you can.

What Is AutoDraw?

AutoDraw is a web-based app that uses AI to embellish and complete user-inputted doodles. You can use your mouse to start a drawing, and AutoDraw’s AI engine will suggest ways to add to it or complete it.

You can add color, and further develop your drawing prior to downloading it in a range of formats to save and share for later use.

How To Use AutoDraw

  1. Go to
  2. Begin doodling using your mouse or touchpad
  3. Wait for the AI engine to suggest known iconography
  4. Select whichever suits your preferences
  5. When complete, click Download and specify your image format

What Features Does AutoDraw Offer?

  • Draw: Draft a drawing without AI support
  • Color Picker: Change the color of your drawing
  • Type: Add text to your drawing
  • Shape: Create specific, uniform shapes
  • Fill: Add color to a discrete shape
  • Select: Move, resize and adjust objects

It’s that simple! Using this free tool, you can quickly draft clean and clear images.