Book Highlight: To-Do List Formula by Damon Zahariades

IT Services SacramentoTo-do lists can be deceptively simple as a concept.

It’s easy to assume that all you need is a list of your tasks for the day and to go through them one by one. However, given that this is the framework for your productivity, wouldn’t you agree that it warrants a little extra thought?

That’s precisely what Damon Zahariades explores in his book To-Do List Formula. Recognizing that the way you develop and follow a list is fundamental to your success, Zahariades shares his approach to building to-do lists that you will actually follow and complete.

This book covers the reasons why so many to-do lists fail, why common and popular to-do list systems are flawed, and the lessons to be learned by analyzing them. By the time you’re done with the book, you’ll understand why to-do lists work the way they do, and how you can achieve success with yours.

Apply a little strategy to your daily productivity with To-Do List Formula.