Cloud Desktops: Your Business’ Key to Successful Remote Working

Easily accessible with an Internet connection, cloud desktops are a fantastic tool for remote teams and employees, whether they are spending all of their time out-of-office or follow a hybrid remote working schedule. As more and more teams transition to remote working situations, it’s vitally important that business leaders provide their employees with adaptable, modern technology solutions that bridge the gap between in-person collaboration and today’s work-from-home configuration.

With years of experience providing businesses big and small with superb managed IT, cloud support, cybersecurity and Microsoft solutions, TLC Tech’s knowledgeable team is pleased to provide an in-depth look at the various benefits of using cloud desktops.

Enhanced Cybersecurity Protection

Because cloud desktops give remote employees access to their professional desktop over the Internet, there is no need to keep company information stored on a hard-drive or physical device. Not only does this remote accessibility give employees the freedom to work from anywhere, on any device, it also ensures the security of business’ confidential information. Cloud desktops store data on advanced servers in high-security data centers. Moreover, if a device were to be stolen, private data is not stored within the laptop, which means that unauthorized users would not be able to access any company information.

Company-Wide, Instantaneous Collaboration

In addition to high levels of security, cloud desktops also offer teams seamless collaboration capabilities from any location or device. With the ability to simultaneously access shared drives, files and folders, employees can see real-time updates on projects and enjoy convenient communication features. Gone are the days of sending updated documents back and forth to colleagues via email — now, teams can make rapid progress with cloud desktops that make collaboration a breeze. With plenty of experience navigating cloud desktops, TLC Tech’s professionals can help businesses make the most of their collaboration platforms in no time.

Improved Business Continuity

As business leaders know, it’s always best to expect the unexpected. Freak accidents like fires, storms, power outages, floods, or even a pandemic can happen, and when they do, your team needs to be prepared with modern cloud solutions. Thanks to cloud desktops, TLC Tech’s team and clients have been able to weather inclement weather, health crises and much more in the past year alone.

Cloud desktops are lifesavers when your team can’t be together in the office, your company’s devices stop working unexpectedly or a major problem appears out of thin air. In today’s ever-changing world, it’s hard to know what tomorrow holds, but with cloud desktop solutions from TLC Tech, you can enjoy business continuity regardless of extenuating circumstances.

Maximize Your Team’s Productivity With TLC Tech’s Cloud Experts

When it comes to your business’ long-term success, you deserve to enjoy exceptional IT solutions that will help you grow and thrive for years to come. By incorporating cloud desktops into your team’s day-to-day operations, you can maximize efficiency despite remote working conditions and unexpected circumstances.

At TLC Tech, we’re proud to offer clients access to our reliable Azure TLC Cloud server services that will protect your sensitive data and boost your business’ reputation. Don’t take a chance when it comes to your team’s IT services — partner with the best in the business by calling our TLC Tech experts at (916) 441- 3838 or checking out our informative ebook today.