Take Dictation In Your Web Browser With Dictation.io

Why type something out, when you can have your computer do it for you?

That’s what Dictation.io offers—the ability to speak out your text and have your computer type it out for you.

Whether you’re a slow typer, or you think better on your feet, pacing around your desk, this website frees you from your office chair and lets you talk through your next document.

Next time you need to take dictation, try using Dictation.io.

What Is Dictation.io?

This free website allows users to record spoken word as text, freeing them up from typing content directly into a word processor. It even provides a rich text editor, allowing you to format recorded text before downloading it for safekeeping.

How To Use Dictation.io

  1. Go to Dictation.io
  2. Click “Launch Dictation”
  3. Click “Start”
  4. Allow the website to access your microphone
  5. Begin dictating the text you want to record

It’s that simple! Using this free tool, you can create text from spoken word directly in your browser without having to download anything.