Draw With draw.io

Need to draft a quick flowchart, wireframe, or diagram?

If you’re not an active artist or designer, you may not have the right hardware or software to get the job done quickly. Unfortunately, getting the necessary tools can often be expensive and time-consuming.

That’s why you should use draw.io instead.

What Is draw.io?

Draw.io is a free, browser-based graphic design tool. It is specifically suited to flowcharts, diagrams, and wireframes. Potential uses included:

  • Visually representing business processes, such as sales and marketing flows
  • Developing org charts to demonstrate your company’s staff hierarchy
  • Producing engineering wireframes

How To Use draw.io

  1. Go to draw.io
  2. Choose your storage location:
    • Google Drive
    • Local storage
    • OneDrive
    • Github
    • Gitlab
  3. Select Create New Diagram or Open Existing Diagram
  4. Input a filename
  5. Choose a template, which can be refined through the categories in the left-hand menu
  6. Customize the text, color, and other details of the template
  7. When complete:
    • Click File > Save As to save the file locally
    • Click Share to send to your cloud storage (Google Drive or OneNote)

Enhance Your Visual Flare

Don’t assume that just because you don’t have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription you can’t add visuals to your next presentation or report. Use draw.io to visually represent your data and create more compelling content.