How To Create Email Templates In Microsoft Outlook

With over a billion users worldwide, Microsoft Outlook is the preferred email program for business owners today.

Though other email programs have some of the same features, no single one of them addresses the everyday needs of business professionals better than Outlook. In spite of its popularity and its versatility, many users are not getting the full range of benefits Microsoft Outlook has to offer.

This program provides a rich array of valuable features, such as creating a template for commonly used email formats. Do you know how this feature works?

How To Create An Email Template In 7 Easy Steps

During an ordinary workday, we often send out similar messages to people. Why not create an email template for those?

Follow these steps to create an email template:

  1. Open a new email
  2. Enter the body and subject information you want to be included in your template
  3. Click File
  4. Select Save As.
  5. In the Save As dialogue box, under the Save as type list, choose Outlook Template.
  6. Input a name for your template
  7. Click Save

Once complete, you will have a new template available for use every time you send an email. This will help you save time by eliminating the work of drafting the same type of email over and over.