Useful Website Of The Month: Libby

Access ebooks, audiobooks, and other free resources from your local library on Libby.

As great as your local library is in concept, actually making use of it can be difficult. We lead busy lives today, and much of the media we consume is available at our fingertips. Actually traveling to the local library, perusing the shelves, and taking a book home can be a bit difficult to make time for.

That’s why you should use Libby. CLICK HERE to try it out right now.

How Does Libby Work?

Libby is a free browser and mobile app that lets you borrow digital resources from your local library. From audiobooks to audiobooks, Libby gives you access to a lot of different content — all for free!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Visit the browser version or download the app.
  2. Log in with your library card.
  3. Browse the available collection, and borrow what you like!

Libby is easy to use, providing seamless integration across devices, offline capabilities, and compatibility with popular readers like Kindle.

Get back to your reading list from the comfort of your home with Libby.