Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience Events

Have you ever attended a Microsoft CIE event? Microsoft CIE events, hosted by TLC Tech, can help you learn about all the latest Microsoft productivity tools.

TLC Tech hosts regular Microsoft CIE events focused on Office 365 and security.

What Is a Microsoft CIE Event?

Microsoft CIE stands for Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience.
A Microsoft CIE event offers the perfect place to explore and interact with a range of Microsoft solutions for your business. TLC Tech hosts these events for your benefit. If you attend, we will facilitate discussions, introduce hands-on Microsoft learning sessions, and answer all of your Microsoft solutions questions and concerns.

Microsoft CIE events are fun and relaxed. There’s no pressure to have any preexisting knowledge about Microsoft products or how they work. At each event, there will be plenty of hands-on learning, discussions, collaboration, and problem-solving.

Our goal with these events is to provide you with Microsoft solutions that will solve your business challenges and help your company grow.

2020’s Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience Events Calendar Coming Soon!

Why Attend a Microsoft CIE Event?

Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience events are created for business owners like you — and your employees.

Focusing on your business’s technological aspects can be hard when you’re busy staying focused on running your company. Naturally, you don’t have time to stay on top of all the latest advancements in Microsoft tools, applications, and other technologies — let alone learn how to make them work in tandem with your business’s goals.

Fortunately, Microsoft CIE events foster the perfect environment for learning about new and useful Microsoft productivity tools.

How Can I Attend a Microsoft CIE Event With TLC Tech?

Every year, TLC Tech hosts Microsoft CIE events for our current and prospective partners. Attending an event is easy. All you need to bring is yourself.

Although we do not yet have our 2020 Microsoft CIE event calendar out, we will be releasing one soon, at which point we encourage you to sign up for the events that work best for your schedule.

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