How To Use The Microsoft Family Safety App

The Microsoft Family Safety App provides a range of useful features to help parents ensure their children are using technology in a safe and healthy manner.

Modern technology presents a range of new challenges for parents today.

Are you worried that your kids are getting too much screen time? Are you unsure of whether your kids are using their smartphones safely?

The Microsoft Family Safety App was developed to help parents like you maintain a safe and healthy tech culture in their families. CLICK HERE to try it out. 

What Is The Microsoft Family Safety App?

The Microsoft Family Safety App offers a series of control, monitoring, and tracking features that help parents limit screen time, mitigate online privacy risks, and more with their children.

Its four primary features are:

  1. Screen Time Limits: You can set limits on total screen time with a given device or users, as well as specify it for types of apps, such as social media, games, etc. The Microsoft Family Safety App also offers activity reports for parents to review.
  2. Content Filters: Similar to web nanny software, the Microsoft Family Safety App lets parents put limits of which types of apps or websites their kids visit on their devices.
  3. Location Tracking & Sharing: The Microsoft Family Safety App can also be used to check a user’s location, see where they’ve visited, and easily share a current location.
  4. Monitor Driving Habits: The Microsoft Family Safety App allows parents to keep tabs on new drivers and their developing habits, from phone use while on the road to speed reports and more. Please note that this feature is limited to paid  Microsoft 365 Family subscribers.

Why Would You Use The Microsoft Family Safety App?

The fact is that technology has become an inseparable part of young people’s lives. Without the right oversight, children and young adults can easily compromise their safety and privacy online, stumble onto mature content they aren’t equipped to understand, or endanger themselves by using their phone while driving.

The Microsoft Family Safety App helps parents set reasonable limits on their children’s relationship with technology, and ensure they develop safe and healthy habits that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Using The Microsoft Family Safety App

  1. Download the Microsoft Family Safety App on your primacy device, which will set you as the “Family Organizer”.
  2. Download the app on any devices used by your children.
  3. On your device, select “Add Someone”, and send each device an invite to your family group.
  4. By selecting a given family member’s profile, you can both set limits, filters and other guidelines, as well as review user activity, their location, and more.

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