Webinar: Understanding The Microsoft 365 Ecosystem

You may be a Microsoft Word expert. Or maybe you’re an Excel veteran. Perhaps you’ve become familiar with Teams over the last few months — but do you know how all these applications work together?

The many features that integrate and streamline these applications make up the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Learning how it works can greatly increase your efficiency as a user.

In our latest webinar, we showed attendees how the Microsoft 365 ecosystem works, and how to use it. Check out the full recording to learn for yourself:

Key Features Of The Microsoft 365 Ecosystem That You need To Understand

Over the course of the webinar, TLC President Michael Nelson demonstrated a series of basic and convenient features that bring the many aspects of the Microsoft 365 user experience together. In particular, he highlighted the following key features:

  • Search: If you perform a search in OneDrive, it will list all results across apps on one page. It’s important to understand that all files are synchronized using the OneDrive engine, meaning all data and content will be included. However, if you search in a SharePoint site, you’ll only get results from that site. By knowing where to search, you can make sure you get a high-level or specified view of all relevant content.
  • Connected Services: An important feature of your subscribed products under Microsoft 365 is that they offer connected services. When you are logged in and pull up your account, you’ll see your OneDrive and sites listed, which means that when you save files, you’re provided with additional locations under save options, allowing you to put files directly in the site where you need them. This is especially useful when you work across multiple devices, between work, home, travel, etc.
  • Delve: This solution allows you to bring together all available information on a given user. All you have to do is store documents and other information in OneDrive for Business, or in SharePoint in Office 365, and share them with your colleagues. You can track available info, see progress on work and more by using Delve. This is particularly useful, for example, when you can’t find an email attachment you know was sent to you, but you know who sent it – simply search for that user in Delve and you can find it that way instead.

Want To Learn More About Microsoft Apps?

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