Companies are increasing their dependence on a variety of advancing technologies. According to Fortis, the¬†ability to secure these technologies¬†may not be growing at the same pace.¬†Implementing new technology may¬†cause more harm than good if there isn’t a plan in place to keep it secure. There are four specific IT services that require the¬†highest level of network security.

1. Securing Mobile Devices

More employees are working from their mobile devices than ever before. According to Homeland Security, there are approximately 200 million mobile smart devices just in the United States. This can create a whole host of security issues that an in-house tech department may not be able to handle. Smartphones contain texts, emails, and passwords. This means the security of various phones and tablets is just as important as it is for a company’s computer network. A managed IT team can provide extensive mobile device security that includes the most up-to-date antivirus programs.

2. Improving Vendor Management

Working with a variety of vendors is an important part of almost every business. Third-party security breaches, however, are happening more frequently. A business needs to have a vendor management program in place as part of their overall security plan. An outside IT company can conduct a vendor risk assessment and help an organization put together a plan to minimize the security risks when working with third parties.

3. Upgrading Spam Protection

Spam is a growing problem for nearly every type of organization.¬† According to the HIPAA Journal,¬†email spam protection is extremely¬†important because this is the venue in which most viruses, malware, and ransomware get into a company’s computer system. Everything from spam that simply wastes the time of employees to the type that includes viruses and the ability to steal data are problematic. Fighting spam includes effective use of the following:

  • Using Effective Filtering Software
  • Educating¬†Employees
  • Protecting Email Addresses
  • Implementing a¬†Multi-Layered Approach

4. Continuous Data Backup

Almost all companies understand the need for data backup. Doing it on a periodic basis, however, is no longer enough. To maintain the highest level of security continuous backup procedures are absolutely necessary. CIO states that continuous backup is the future of data protection. Traditional backup systems can be disruptive, slow, and expensive. Most businesses have neither the time nor the expertise to implement a continuous backup program that will keep all of their data protected.

TLC Tech

When looking for an experienced team of tech professionals to manage IT security, TLC Tech offers a variety of exceptional services. TLC Tech provides managed IT services that include¬†spam protection, mobile solutions, data backup, and vendor management. They offer potential partners a team of tech professionals who can put together a security plan that is tailored to the specific needs of each individual company. They’ve been providing consulting and support services for their partners¬†in the Sacramento area since 2004. Contact TLC Tech for more information.

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