OneDrive or SharePoint: Choose the Superior Collaboration Software Suite for Your Business Teams to Achieve Remarkable Breakthrough Success  

Today, Windows users have several options when it comes to collaborative cloud-based sharing tools. For businesses using Microsoft Office 365, the cloud version of the most popular suite of business apps, both OneDrive for Business and SharePoint for Teams are included.

Knowing the differences and best uses of these tools helps to optimize the tools and drive productivity.

What Are the Main Similarities Between OneDrive and SharePoint?

It can be confusing because both products have the following capabilities:

  • File storage
  • File sharing
  • Synchronization capabilities
  • Internet access via the cloud
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Access via a web browser or local folders

However, there are important differences.

How is OneDrive Different than SharePoint?

The easiest way to tell these two programs apart is to remember the first part of each product name — “One” and “Share.”

OneDrive refers to one user. Its value is in the capabilities it provides to a user managing draft documents. Among the core capabilities are:

  • Storage of draft documents or personal information in a secure, private location
  • Ability to share selected files with others for review or editing, with the capabilities to set document-level document settings

For teams that need a central storage location for documents, OneDrive serves the purpose. It’s also an excellent tool for individuals who need access to files on local devices, even when they’re not online.

SharePoint is a tool designed specifically for web-based document management and collaboration. The platform is often used as an intranet solution for companies of all sizes, allowing rights-based access to files. It’s also an excellent way to post and access information such as company policies, procedures and forms. SharePoint can also be used for business processes such as workflow approvals, data management and document publishing.

SharePoint is ideal when combined with clearly defined governance and structure to manage documents, especially when sharing among large groups. It’s a highly effective tool for managing training documents, policies, templates and business forms. It can be used for:

  • Storing project documents that require collaboration
  • Distribute and assign ownership of documents and project files
  • Manage access for entire sites rather than single documents
  • Establish a single site for relevant documents for team members
  • Using check-in and sign-off workflows and task lists for teams

How Can We Use OneDrive and SharePoint Together?

Microsoft makes it easy to use both filesharing products. The key is communication. Once you’ve moved a file from a OneDrive to SharePoint, be sure to do the following:

  • Remember that old hyperlinks to the original document will not work
  • Send updated links to the new location to all involved
  • Remind users that they should not make changes to the old version of a file stored in OneDrive

In general, OneDrive can work for smaller teams while SharePoint is the better choice for complex projects.

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