Looking For More Skilled IT Services?

Does it feel like your IT services aren’t up to the task of maintaining your IT? Does it seem like your technicians are as in the dark about your hardware as you are? Do you want more skills from your IT services?

The last thing you should want is to feel like you know more about your IT than your IT services company does. After all, you’re paying them to deal with it – shouldn’t they be experts? Shouldn’t they display skill with technology?

Most would say yes – but you’d be surprised how hard skill is to come by in the modern IT market…

The High Demand For & Low Supply Of Skill In IT Services

Here’s the core issue – as IT becomes a more and more central part of the business world, the more and more that businesses need skilled IT support. There’s your growth in demand.

This is precisely what a recent study by Wakefield Research is all about – they surveyed 250 business “decision-makers” at companies that have annual revenue of $5 million – $50 million to find out the role that IT plays in their work, and how they’re planning the future of their IT:

  • 93% of surveyed businesses recognize that IT is strategically and operationally critical.
  • Surveyed businesses said they would rather lose half their annual revenue than lose half their data.
  • 80% of the workforce operates at least in part from outside the office.

However, despite how high the demand has become for skill in IT services, there’s not necessarily enough to go around…

Are Your IT Services Skilled Enough?

One of the most important investments you can make, whether you’re an entrepreneur with only a few employees or a business with 50 computers, is to make sure you have truly skilled IT services on your side.

Businesses are typically understaffed when it comes to this kind of technical expertise. Even if they have the money to hire in-house techs, it’s impossible to find the right talent today. As a result, they hire any tech they can find to put temporary fixes on things that go wrong. They rely on a reactionary approach rather than working with a skilled IT services company.

How Can You Find Skilled IT Services?

Ask the following key questions when looking for truly skilled IT services:

  1. Do You Stay Up To Date On Cybersecurity? Any skilled IT professional should stay up to date on the latest technology threats to help you avert security risks and data breaches and to help you comply with legal, health, financial, governmental, or other regulations.
  2. Do You Help Plan IT? With technology changing so rapidly the answer is to use the IT services with the technical skills to handle anything that comes along – one who will get to know your business, help you decide what technology assets you require, and determine if you will get a positive return from them.
  3. Will You Help Me Choose The Right IT? Purchasing technology solutions today requires expertise. Your IT services should align your technology with your short and long-term goals and help you develop a cost-effective technology budget, so you can predict IT expenses and stay within your spending allowances.

IT services should provide procurement assistance, so you’ll always get the best prices on software and hardware. Plus, they should manage your IT projects from start to completion, identify your technology requirements, and ensure success as well as value.

Don’t bother with basic, unskilled IT services. You need real expertise and demonstrable skills to make sure you’re getting the best support for your business technology available to you.