The security of your home is important. You get that. We get that. Everyone gets that. But back in the day, securing your home with fancy video cameras and high-tech alarm systems was something only the rich and famous did for home security.

However, things have changed.

Thanks to the growing world of the IoT, anyone and everyone has easy access to high-quality smart gadgets that can protect your home from the inside out.

Video Cameras

A connected video camera installed in the right place can do you and your family a whole lot of good. And no, these bad boys don’t have to be limited to the great outdoors.

Use one to keep an eye on your little ones as they sleep. Use one to watch your front and back doors while you’re at work. And use one to monitor your pool while you’re away on vacation.

Most smart video cameras are capable of being installed by anyone with a screwdriver and 30 minutes to spare, and what’s even better is that they’re incredibly simple to manage from any connected device. Here are a few to consider:

Video Doorbell

This is the smart gadget you never knew you needed. Replace your traditional doorbell with a smart doorbell, and you can benefit from motion detection, cloud video recordings, and instant communication no matter where you are.

Answer the doorbell from your phone, and you can see who’s standing in front of your door and even speak to them if you needed to. For example, while you’re at work, you could ask the delivery man to leave your package at the door and then monitor your delivery throughout the day using a live view of your doorstep. Or you could check to see if it’s your friend knocking on your door or your next door neighbor… without ever leaving the sofa.

Here are some top-rated video doorbells recommended by sources such as CNET and PCMag:

Alarm System

The really neat thing about connected alarm systems is that the majority of them are DIY-take-it-with-you-when-you-move setups. Install motion detectors, window alarms, and door sensors wherever you feel these pieces are most suited. If you move or decide a piece of your alarm system is needed elsewhere in your home, simply detach and reattach. It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

With a smart alarm system, you can use your phone or other connected device to update pin codes and safe words, turn the alarm on and off, and review a detailed activity log.

IoT Security

With all these connected gadgets everywhere, your home isn’t the only thing that can be broken into. Your network, gadgets, and online accounts can also be broken into.

To avoid something like this, you should consider a gadget that’s designed to protect your other gadgets. Unfortunately, though, you don’t have a ton of choices available when it comes to IoT home security, mainly because it’s a relatively new concept. But still, here are a few ideas to get you headed in the right direction: