Can a Network Assessment Tell You If It’s Time to Switch IT Companies?

The Simple Answer: Absolutely. You Can’t Expect Your Employees to Work to Their Fullest Potential without a Reliable, Secure Network Acting as the Foundation for Their Workflows.

Your network is essentially the foundation of your business – keeping all of your computers and other devices connected to the Internet so you can make decisions and complete tasks at a faster pace – allowing you to better respond to customer demands. The reliability, security, and performance offered via your network is essential as your employees depend on this to work to their fullest potential. Virtually all departments – from human resources to customer service to product development and everything in between – depend on the network to function properly. So can a network assessment tell you if it’s time to switch IT companies?


When should you perform a network assessment? There are a few major signs it’s time to undergo a network assessment:

  1. Your team has been complaining about slow and/or lagging performance
  2. Your business is upgrading, expanding or introducing a new software
  3. Your management team is uncomfortable with the lack of documentation
  4. Your business is undergoing an audit in the near future

If, for any reason, you feel as though your network isn’t performing properly OR you have something on the horizon that requires a well-functioning network, it’s important to undergo a network assessment. Fortunately, this process can give you insight into the performance of your technology partner.

Does Your Technology Partner Take Care of Your Network Properly?

A network assessment will uncover some critical pieces of information so you can be aware of whether or not your technology partner is taking care of your network, such as:

  • Any sources leading to bottlenecks, interference or congestion on the network
  • Any flaws in the initial design of the network
  • Any life expectancies to catch unsupported or soon to be unsupported hardware
  • Any security vulnerabilities resulting from hardware or software configurations
  • Any complications and/or breaches that have already occurred

Ultimately, a network assessment will give you a better idea of the health, security, and reliability of your network so you can better understand and manage your environment. You may even find your network is entirely unsuitable for your organizational goals in terms of growth, and in this instance, it’s best to find a more efficient option to ensure a better pathway to success.

What Will Be Covered in a Network Assessment?

A network assessment will cover a range of areas to determine the health, reliability, and security of your network, including:

  1. Infrastructure: The operating system versions, application types, circuits, and other equipment that make up the design and implementation of your network.
  2. Security: All internal/external entry points, as well as any vulnerabilities within file or database servers or applications.
  3. Management: The network management strategy, including schedules for monitoring, maintenance, and patching.
  4. Performance: All information gathered will be combined with a thorough analysis of traffic to determine over-utilization and/or availability issues.

A network assessment makes good business sense to determine whether or not your technology partner is taking care of things the way they should. Let’s book your network assessment now.

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