Using The Microsoft 365 Search Bar

Having trouble tracking down a file you shared in Microsoft 365?

It’s not an uncommon problem. Over the course of a busy day, you’re likely to share a lot of files and juggle a lot of conversations. It can be easy to lose track.

That’s why Microsoft 365’s search bar is so handy.

What Is Microsoft 365’s Search Bar?

The search bar at the top of the Microsoft 365 window allows you to search for contacts, the content of your conversations, the titles of files, and more

Using this feature, you can search the following parts of the Microsoft 365 environment:

  • Teams
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive

How To Use Microsoft 365’s Search Bar

  1. Navigate to a Microsoft 365 page (and ensure you are logged in)
  2. Click the text field
  3. Input your search terms

You can further refine the results by using the following characters:

  • “@” — search by specific people, as well as different topics, such as “@weather” or “@news”
  • “/” — you can initiate a series of commands by combing the forward slash with a keyword:
    • /activity
    • /available
    • /away
    • /brb
    • /busy
    • /call
    • /chat
    • /dnd
    • /files
    • /find
    • /goto
    • /help
    • /join
    • /keys
    • /mentions
    • /offline
    • /org
    • /saved
    • /unread
    • /whatsnew
    • /who

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