Advantages of Using Cloud-Based Virtual Desktop Technology

Are you looking for a consistent desktop experience for your employees? With so many employees working from home, creating a secure, desktop workspace using a traditional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) can be challenging. Cloud-based VDI solutions or Desktop as a Service (DaaS) make it possible for your business to operate more cost-effectively and productively. This article will share the advantages of using a cloud-based VDI.

Reducing Support, Infrastructure, Hardware, and Deployment Costs

On-premise VDI solutions were first introduced about fifteen years ago. They required an on-premise server and storage environment, which meant purchasing hardware, managing the system and providing user support. But like network servers and storage, cloud-based VDI services eliminate the upfront cost and replace it with a more affordable monthly fee. Cloud-based VDIs are managed and supported by the cloud vendor reducing the need for internal IT deployment and support costs.

High Scalability and Flexibility

The cost of cloud-based VDI depends on the number of users and the amount of storage your applications need. These requirements change based on business activity, economic factors or even seasonality. A cloud-based VDI vendor allocates storage based on their clients’ needs and reallocates capacity as needed.

Greater Storage Space

Cloud-based desktops are managed by global technology providers who can allocate storage space at a moment’s notice. Storage needs can vary based on the applications, the number of users and the number of data files. For instance, product designers can create huge files using CAD/CAM design software, requiring extensive storage space. If your employees are using traditional desktop applications, then their storage needs might be limited. Your IT department will not have to go out and buy new storage devices every time you hire a new employee or add a new software application to your desktop environment.

Increased Security

DaaS cloud providers must protect all of their client’s technology and data, so they invest in the best cybersecurity solutions to prevent data breaches. Multifactor authorization (MFA), advanced identity management (IAM) systems and endpoint detection are just a few of the technologies cloud-service providers use to keep customer data secure.

Increase in Productivity and Flexibility for Employees

With virtual desktops, businesses do not have to provide their employees or contractors with company laptops. Employees can use their own laptop computers, tablet devices and smartphones to access corporate applications. Cloud-based virtual desktops also eliminate the need to use virtual private networks (VPNs) and other legacy security procedures.

Protection of Business Continuity

Cybersecurity attacks hurt small businesses every day. Ransomware attacks extort millions of dollars from business owners and often destroy or damage critical customer and business data. Cloud-based services provide many disaster recovery solutions to customers, from daily backups to on-demand data recovery services.

Selecting the Best Virtual Desktop Service for Your Business

Selecting an affordable and secure cloud-service provider is a challenging and time-consuming task. Making the wrong choice can affect your business productivity if you do not like the best storage or security options. Trying to save a few dollars can come back to haunt you if you run out of storage or fall victim to a cyber attack. To make the best decision, you need to have a competent IT services partner work with you to make the right selection. TLC Tech provides a full range of virtual desktop and bring-your-own-device solutions. One of their expert advisors will work with you to select and set-up a custom solution. Visit their website or call (916) 441-3838