One Wrong Click Could Mean The End Of Your Business

Are you sure your employees are avoiding unsafe websites while working on your business’ network?

One wrong click on a dangerous website could take your business down for days—if not for good. That’s why we recommend using a robust web security solution like WebTitan.

Watch this video to discover how it works:

Do You Know Why You Need A DNS Filter?

Did you know that more than 90% of cybersecurity incidents can be traced back to human error? Just one wrong click on a dangerous link or unknown website is all it takes to download dangerous malware and infect your systems.

That’s why you need to employ every tool available to you to mitigate the risks facing your business. Case in point—do you have a DNS filter?

What Is A DNS Filter?

A DNS filter is a software solution that actively blocks access to or interaction with dangerous content online.

When business devices try to access a website, the DNS filter looks up the destination to determine if the site is deemed safe or potentially unsafe. More advanced filters can even prevent users from clicking a suspected dangerous link.

By blocking unsafe websites and content, DNS filters dramatically limit the risk posed by unaware users. These solutions can be deployed both at home and at work to avoid unnecessary risks and minimize or eliminate malicious attacks that threaten to take down your entire system.

In order to keep our clients secure, TLC Tech uses WebTitan Cloud.

What Does WebTitan Protect You From?

With WebTitan, each and every website your users try to visit is first vetted to ensure it’s safe. WebTitan reviews each web request against a range of predefined categories and a comprehensive blocklist.

TLC Tech can help you develop a custom blocklist, ensuring your staff members can’t visit dangerous or distracting websites. All in all, this will protect your organization from:

  • Network Attacks
  • Botnet Malware
  • DNS Changer Trojans
  • Ransomware
  • Unaware Web Users

TLC Tech & WebTitan Will Protect You From Your Users

We want you to have every weapon in your arsenal ready to use to prevent cybercriminals from gaining access to your systems and disrupting valuable business time and costing you money.