Quick OneDrive Tips to Help You Embed Documents on Your Web Page

Did you know that you can embed a document, spreadsheet or presentation into your website or blog with just a few clicks? Anytime you want to share more detailed information with your audience, you might struggle with how to do so. Adding direct links to files can be good, but it doesn’t have quite the impact of an embedded file.

When you want to create a more professional look to your website page, embedding a document is the way to go! Here’s the steps you’ll need to make it happen.

1. Navigate to OneDrive

From within the OneDrive site, you will likely need to sign in with your Microsoft 365 account. This helps ensure that all of your files stay secure. Locate the file or files that you would like to embed into your web page.

2. Select the Document’s Checkbox

There is a small checkbox on the upper right-hand side of the file within OneDrive. Simply check the box to select the file.

3. Choose Your Embed Options

With the file selected, you’ll want to select the ‘Embed’ option from the top of the page. Once you have that selected, choose the ‘Generate’ option to have OneDrive automatically create the code that will lead users directly to the correct file.

4. Copy and Paste Code to Your Website

Now that the code has been copied, you can quickly and easily paste the code into your website page or blog. This provides the user with direct access to the file without the need to publish the document or spreadsheet to the web.

It’s easy to see how this could be used in a variety of situations — adding a presentation to a client’s information page or simply sharing an easy downloadable file with site visitors.

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