Outsourcing Your Information Technology Management SHOULD Result in Fewer Issues, Less Labor Costs, and More Protection Against Cybercrime. But How Do You Know Your Sacramento IT Company is Doing What You’re Paying Them to Do?

Hiring and training an internal technology person or department can become quite expensive, especially if you’re a growing company that has a complex technology environment. Outsourcing your information technology management, on the other hand, gives you more control over the expenses associated with taking care of your infrastructure. You don’t have to worry about paying salaries, benefits, and vacation or sick days. Instead, you have access to an entire team of technology experts who can take care of everything for you – giving you peace of mind.

What Happens When Your Sacramento IT Company Isn’t Doing What You’re Paying Them to Do?

After all, a lot of what you’re paying for is intangible. They’re supposed to be monitoring, maintaining, and securing your infrastructure, but what if they’re not doing those things? And worse, what if they’re not truly knowledgeable in terms of the technologies you use and the regulations you must abide by? It’s important to have a discussion with the IT company you’ve selected to make sure they’re doing what you’re paying them to do. Otherwise, you may end up with:

  • Recurring issues that halt productivity
  • Failed data backups when a disaster or human error occurs
  • Unexpected malware infections that leave data at risk
  • Frustratingly slow response times that prevent you from serving customers
  • And much more

You hope your IT company is taking a proactive approach to keep your environment safe, secure, and reliable. But if they’re not, you’re leaving one of your most valuable assets in their hands – and the consequences of mismanagement can be grave.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Sacramento IT Company to Make Sure They’re Doing What You’re Paying Them to Do?

1. Do you perform maintenance on a regular basis?

All of your technology, including your workstations, servers, and other hardware, must have maintenance performed on a regular basis to ensure they’re running properly. Make sure you ask what they’re doing to maintain your infrastructure and how often they’re doing this.

2. Do you keep your technicians trained on the latest best practices?

Technology evolves at a rapid rate, and if you’re operating in a highly regulated industry, laws change rapidly too. Make sure their technicians are undergoing some sort of regular training and/or certifications to keep up with advancements.

3. Do you provide any third-parties with access to our data?

If any third-parties will be accessing your data, you need to know your IT company is making sure they’re vetted and handling your data with the proper care to prevent unauthorized access and/or non-compliance issues.

4. Do you keep our applications and data backed up?

You deserve to have peace of mind knowing your applications and data are backed up on a regular basis. You should also be involved in selecting how often backups are performed and tested. Some industries require backups to take place more often than others.

5. Do you provide cybersecurity training for our team?

Cybercrime is becoming more sophisticated and coordinated than ever before. It’s important to work with an IT company that is willing and able to train your staff members on the latest threats, viruses, and other risks out there.

6. Do you have a response time guarantee?

If an issue does occur, it’s important to know that you can depend on your IT company to respond back to you and resolve the issue as soon as possible. You should never be left waiting hours for a response.

Not Sure Your Sacramento IT Company is Providing What You’re Paying For? TLC Tech is Here to Help.

We take a proactive approach to managing technology with around-the-clock monitoring, regular maintenance, and a dedication to proper cybersecurity and data backup practices. We offer a full range of technology solutions, including managed services, spam protection, disaster recovery, and much more.

Plus, we’re committed to ensuring there are never any hidden fees or surprise expenses. Our managed services offering is all-inclusive – covering everything you need for a flat-rate monthly fee.

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