Responsibilities of Your Sacramento IT Company

There’s no set industry standard for what an IT company in Sacramento is supposed to do, so if you’re a bit confused about what you SHOULD be receiving, you’re not alone…

In the simplest terms, an IT company should manage your information technology infrastructure. But what, exactly, does that mean? What does it take to manage an information technology infrastructure for a business? As technology continues to advance at a rapid rate, many businesses are looking to outsource part or all of the management of their environment. It’s simply too much for a single internal person or even an entire team to handle as there are so many moving parts – from the network to the computers to the applications and everything in between.

Nowadays, it’s not about fixing problems as they arise. In a competitive marketplace, businesses can’t afford to take a reactive approach to their information technology. They need a proactive approach that actually prevents issues from happening in the first place – giving them peace of mind that they’re always able to work productively, collaborate with ease, and ultimately, stay up and running – even through human errors and natural disasters that impact their environment.

So what does it take to manage an information technology infrastructure?

As mentioned above, a proactive approach is crucial – but a lot of the measures taken are intangible. You can’t physically see exactly what’s happening behind the scenes to keep your technology performing optimally. That’s why we’re breaking down exactly what an IT company SHOULD be doing if they’re handling your technology in a proactive manner:

  1. Monitoring your network around-the-clock to detect and resolve any sort of problems that may otherwise result in downtime.
  2. Offering onsite or remote support whenever necessary to provide troubleshooting for issues that arise within your environment.
  3. Staying on-top of patches, updates, and other maintenance requirements that need to be performed on a regular basis.
  4. Maintaining a schedule for purchases and/or upgrades that takes any looming end-of-support deadlines into consideration.
  5. Keeping your data and applications backed up in the cloud, as well as an onsite storage device, to ensure they’re recoverable when needed.
  6. Testing your backups to verify that they work so there’s never any surprise failures when the time comes.
  7. Planning for success in the event of a disaster with business continuity planning so everyone knows who does what, when, and how to recover operations.
  8. Implementing a comprehensive, multi-layered approach to cybersecurity that incorporates enterprise-grade solutions designed to keep you safe.
  9. Training your team members on the latest best practices and threats and how to thwart them to keep your network safe against hackers.
  10. Handling technical safeguards, processes, and documentation when it comes to any industry-specific regulations you must comply with.

Not sure if your IT company is handling all of the tasks listed above? Have a conversation with them and double check. You depend on your technology to keep you operational. You can’t afford to have important responsibilities shrugged off.

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