Frequently Asked Questions About Security

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does a Firewall Protect Your Network From Malicious Traffic?

Firewalls, both physical and software, analyze incoming and outgoing data, using rules created and enabled by the firewall provider, your IT service, or other software that engages with the firewall. By filtering this data, the firewall can determine if traffic is legitimate and if it should be allowed through to its end destination.

Is Cloud Security a Myth?

In the Simplest Terms, No… Cloud Security Can Be Achieved Quite Easily, As Long As You’re Careful with Your Choice of Cloud Provider.

4 IT Services That Are Currently Crucial To Network Security

Companies are increasing their dependence on a variety of advancing technologies. According to Fortis, the ability to secure these technologies may not be growing at the same pace. Implementing new technology may cause more harm than good if there isn’t a plan in place to keep it secure.

Here’s how to prevent internal security threats

What’s the one major security concern that most companies tend to overlook? Employees. In fact, most data breaches are the result of an internal hiccup.  Weak passwords.  Malicious emails.  Social engineering.  Loose lips.  It happens.  And it happens a lot. So how...

Employees are the biggest threat to network security

Unfortunately, employees are the biggest threat to network security. It’s no secret that businesses require some form of management to operate effectively. From defining key roles and responsibilities for each employee to interacting with customers, managers hold a...