How To Make Your Microsoft Teams Background More Professional

When you’re attending a meeting from home, it’s not always a comfortable experience. Some people would prefer not to expose the personal details of their life that show in the background.

If you’ve got the luxury of a spacious and clean home office, then you probably don’t think about the background behind you all that often. But for some people, it’s a much more significant concern.

Now that the pandemic has sent a majority of workers home, the fact is, not everyone has a suitable home office. Some are working at the kitchen table or in the living room. The last thing they want is for other attendees at the meeting to see their dirty dishes or their kids’ toys in the background.

The good news? Microsoft Teams lets you obscure or change your background altogether.

How To Change Your Background In Microsoft Teams

  1. Go to Meeting Controls and select More Actions (“…”)
  2. Select More Options
  3. Select Show Background Effects.
  4. Select Blur to blur your background or choose from the available images to replace it.

Teams will then preview your chosen background to show you how it looks before you apply it.

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