Getting The Best Productivity Using The Microsoft Eco-System

If you missed past articles explaining how to set up and become qualified for Microsoft’s nonprofit program, feel free to check out the other articles here:

Otherwise, now you have created your Microsoft nonprofit account and are seeing the great savings you get. The next question is, how can the Microsoft eco-system benefit you?

Benefitting From The Microsoft Eco-System

Aside from the obvious of getting access to the Microsoft suites, many are used to (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), you will now have the full power of Microsoft 365. This is Microsoft’s cloud service, which allows you to access any of your files from any device, anytime, anywhere. Microsoft 365 utilizes OneDrive and SharePoint to store your information on your desktop securely on the cloud and share files with coworkers.

Microsoft Teams

One of the best tools for collaboration and productivity in an office or remote environment is Microsoft Teams. Teams utilizes SharePoint to allow you and your coworkers to share and collaborate on documents in real-time. This creates a seamless and secure environment for you and your associates to work together.

Teams also acts as instant messaging and video conferencing software so you and your team can always stay in contact. Feel free to click here and check out our webinars going more in-depth on the features Teams has to offer.

Microsoft Stream

My favorite program in the Microsoft eco-system is Microsoft Stream. If you have a lot of meetings and conference calls, this program can make life a whole lot easier. Microsoft Stream will allow you to record any meetings you have within Teams, and it will create a transcript for you. So instead of having to pay attention and try to take notes, you can focus entirely on the meeting and revisit the recording later.

What’s even better is Stream will not only make a transcript of everything that was said but will allow you to search for keywords. For instance, say you were talking about volunteers for a portion of the meeting. Instead of trying to navigate the recording and try to remember when you mentioned volunteers, you simply search the transcript, and Stream will pull up any instance the word volunteer was mentioned and take you right to that point in the recording. For anyone interested in this feature, we go over this in the 2nd session of our webinar trainings found in the link above.

Want To Learn More?

The ways Microsoft 365 can increase productivity and collaboration within your organization is incredibly vast; it is just a matter of understanding what you want to get out of it. If you are interested in learning more, feel free to join our webinars or check back for recordings.

I also invite you to ask any specific questions to our “You Ask We Answer” page. This is an open forum for anyone to ask any questions about IT and get answers from our engineers.

For more information regarding Microsoft’s nonprofit application process, click here to get in touch with a representative or call (916) 441-3838 today!