Test Your Internet Speed At Fast.com

Internet speed is a key metric for professional and private settings today. Find out where your connection clocks in at Fast.com.

Have you ever been suspicious that your Internet isn’t as fast as it should be?

Maybe you need to verify you’re getting the speed you’re paying your ISP for. Maybe you want to compare devices and see if one is slower.

Whatever the reason may be, if you want to test your Internet speed, all you have to do is go to Fast.com. CLICK HERE to try it out right now.

How Does Fast.com Work?

It couldn’t be simpler. Just by visiting the site, you initiate a real-time speed test of your Internet connection. Fast.com will display your Internet speed in megabytes per second (Mbps).

Across the US, average Internet speeds range from 17.04 Mbps (Alaska) to 65.02 Mbps (Maryland). Your speed can be affected by a range of factors, such as the quality of your hardware, the quality of your software, whether your systems are infected with viruses, how close you are to your router, whether you live in an urban or rural environment, and others.

However yours may measure up, you want to make sure it’s in line with any service level guarantees offered by your ISP. Beyond that, your Internet speed is a matter of user experience. If you’re having to wait through long loading periods and slow downloads, then your Internet isn’t fast enough – no matter what the number is.

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